The new trend in word processing and office software is online collaboration, so it's no surprise to learn that Corel has launched a beta of its "productivity application", WordPerfect Lightning.

The beta is offered as a free download right now, and offers both word processing and note-taking, plus the option to share your work with colleagues online.

It is made up of four parts: Navigator, Viewer, Lightning Notes, and Connector.

Navigator helps to organise your data by automatically saving new notes and documents to its interface. From there you can drag documents into various folders.

And from within Navigator you can open your documents for editing.

Viewer is, unsurprising, the file viewer, which lets you read documents as well as save them to PDF, MS Word, or WordPerfect formats.

Lightning Notes is the streamlined, basic word processor, while Connector offers email, calendars and contact saved and shared online.

Corel is using the beta to push its WordPerfect Office X3 suite, and suggests that WordPerfect Lightning users download the free trial so that they can see how the applications work seamlessly.