Symantec has launched a final, full version of its Norton 360 security software.

The software, which has been in beta for several months, is designed as a comprehensive suite to protect PCs against internet threats and to help with PC tune ups and backups.

The company promises that Norton 360 can perform its duties in the background without interfering with your work or "computing experience".

"By combining the traditional security features with data backup and performance tuning, products like Norton 360 will expand the market for consumer security and data protection solutions", said Andrew Jaquith, senior analyst, Yankee Group.

Symantec as well as its chief rival, McAfee, are facing a battle to win consumers over as Microsoft is heavily pushing its own security software, Live OneCare, and is touting the security features built-in to Vista.

Norton 360 promises protection in five areas, beginning with PC Security and keeping computers safe from online threats with firewalls, intrusion prevention, vulnerability assessment, and network detection.

Symantec has also provided Transaction Security, which is antiphishing protection to help verify safe or authentic websites.

In addition, Norton 360 helps you to back up and restore your PC. It comes with 2GB of online storage, with the option to add 5GB for £15, 10GB for £26, and 25GB for £36. The software then keeps your PC backed up by monitoring changes to folders.

In addition, the software offers PC Tuneup and Embedded Support, to keep your computer running smoothly.

Available online from Symantec or other retailers, Norton 360 costs £60 and can be installed on up to three PCs.