A third of internet users in the US have used wireless internet to connect to the web according to a new survey.

That figure represents a 14% increase in 2 years.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project questioned more than 2300 adults in the US between November and December, from which 1623 were internet users and 798 were questioned about wireless internet connectivity.

The survey brought to light some interesting statistics about the internet usage of those with wireless compared to those without.

Those with home Wi-Fi checked news and email more frequently than those without; 72% check email at least once a day, which is 9% more than those who use wired broadband.

Those who do tap into wireless internet when they have the chance tend to be younger than the internet user average: Wi-Fi users are mostly between 18 and 49-years-old, while the average for internet users is between 30 and 64.

Rather surprisingly, 40% of internet users surveyed under 30 have laptops, mostly all equipped with Wi-Fi, and 40% can connect to the internet with their mobile phones.

Overall, 88% of internet users with laptops had a wireless network at home; four out of five have connected outside of their home or office networks.