Secure it Easy is the first USB Firewall software available for Windows Vista, and helps to make sure data is not copied on to a USB flash draw without authorisation.

Developed as a response to the fact that employees commit more than 70% of unauthorised access to information, the software acts as a barrier between a PC and a flash drive.

Only devices authorised by a PC administrator can be used to transfer data, and are known as TrustedDevices.

All other devices are blocked.

Administrators on a system can also make sure they keep tabs on tampering by receiving alerts by email when someone tries to use an unauthorised device.

Data on the portable device can be secured by Carry it Easy +Plus, which encrypts it with 128 bit AES.

Secure it Easy works with Vista, XP and Windows 2000 and costs $45. A 30-day trial version download is also available.