Fancy owning a piece of TV motoring history? Well now you can, after the owner of the Pink Panther limo posted the vehicle on ebay today.

The famed stretched pink monstrosity from the opening Pink Panther cartoon credits, based on an Oldsmobile, was designed by legendary Hollywood car designer Jay Ohrberg – responsible for the original TV series version of the Batmobile among others – and has notched up just 10 miles of actual driving. Used primarily for static display, the car has an opening bid of £75,000.

According to the Lancashire-based seller, the limo “attracts a lot of attention and can in fact be used as a source of income if marketed properly on the motor show, shopping centre, corporate and private hire circuit”. Seeing as its 23ft long, it’s easy to understand the appeal, but it’s uncertain whether or not it’s road legal.

And it gets stranger. The seller claims that on February 27 he will also be selling the Batmobile on ebay.

Check out the link below for the listing.