The Ministry of Defence has launched a new aution site dedicated to flogging used armed services kit.

The Disposals Sales Agency has set up its website to rival eBay, with live auctions as well as items listed for a flat rate.

The variety of gear is quite astonishing. First on the list at the moment is an army uniform, listed for £10 that would make a great costume to a fancy dress part.

There's also 12 x 12 frame tent and a current issue sleeping bag, although it doesn't say if it has been used.

More exciting is the Green Goddess, which at the moment is at £1000, and is sold with all its equipment, including ladders, hoses, and pipes; there's also a Yellow Goddess straight from Northern Ireland.

For photographers, there's a 300mm Nikkor lens that's going for around £200, and a beautiful Red Guards Tunic, available for £30.