Revoltingly, no sooner has Britney Spears taken the razor to her locks then they appear on eBay.

The first page of items that return from a search for her hair includes a strange bidding war that has reached $99,999,999, although we predict that eBay will soon take this offline.

Another seller is offering a chunk of hair for $500,000 for an opening bid, but will throw in shipping for free.

It seems that there are actually quite a few bidders out there who are willing to shell out big bucks for strands of hair that may or may not have come from Britney's head.

One seller who has so far garnered seven bids to reach $1000 admits that it may or may not be Britney's hair, as it was found on the street outside the salon.

There's also her hair band, available at the bargain price of $19.50, no bidders get.

All we can say is, ew.