Yahoo has announced changes to two of its services, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0.

The company is inserting Yahoo Messenger into the latest version of Yahoo Mail, which is still in beta.

The service is rolling out across its network of users over the next few months, in order not to overwhelm its servers through high demand.

The change means that people not accustomed to using an IM client are more likely to start using Yahoo Messenger, as they can see contacts online and chat with them within their browser.

This is also useful for travellers, who can now chat without downloading an IM client to whatever computer they're using.

"We are hopefully bridging the gap between email users and IM users", John Kremer, VP of Yahoo Mail told CNN Money.

In related news, Yahoo has launched a gamma version of Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0, a month after the beta release.

The revised application now includes the ability to search directly from maps and share oneSearch results as well as news articles with contacts.