Corel's art studio software, Painter, has been updated to version 10 with all new features to give artists, designers and photographers that feeling of painting and illustrating on canvas.

Corel has improved the natural feeling of its virtual tools with RealBristle Painting System, which heightens the responsiveness of the brush for the artist with individual bristles that blend and splay.

In additional, the software has new Composition Tools that help artists compose their creations with Divine Proportions or the new Layout Grid that follows the Rule of Thirds.

The Photo Painting System has been enhanced so that it's easier to make paintings from photos, if that's your want, and a Match Palette effect has been added so that you change the colour and intensity of one image to match another.

Other changes include a Universal Mixer palette, enhanced speed, support for Intel Macs, and a Workspace Manager so that you can switch between customised workspaces.

Colour Management has also been improved so that you only have to set up the options once and Corel Painter X will remember them.

Corel Painter X is available now for pre-order, and will cost £230 for the full version, £120 for the upgrade; the Limited Edition Painter Can will cost £260.