Motorists caught using an illegal speed camera detection device are soon to face a fine and penalty points on their licence. But one supplier is offering to take back all illegal devices from their customers rather than see them break the law.

Car Parts Direct is offering a full refund to customers wanting to return banned devices and will upgrade them to a new legal satnav and camera identifier. Customers that bought the now illegal versions in the last 6 months will get the full £199 off the purchase price. Those that bought more than 6 months ago get 50% off the cost.

A spokesman said: "Customers bought radar detectors in good faith, when they were legal to use. Now the government have banned them, thousands of motorists are out of pocket and with no protection against cameras. Whilst we did warn that radar detectors could be banned, we feel obliged to offer our customers support".

It is not yet clear if retailers will follow suit. But Car Parts Direct say they will also accept other brands of radar detectors that they have not supplied and pay a £50 allowance, irrelevant of the brand or where the product was purchased, which can be used against buying a legal device.