More than 100,000 people have signed up online for Glastonbury tickets of the first day of the festival's registration system despite having to provide a photograph according to the festival's organisers.

The new online registration, has been designed to beat ticket touts that have dogged the festival for some years.

In a statement on the festival's website:

"Michael believes that the best way to ensure that the person who buys a ticket on 1 April is the same person who actually goes to the festival is to have his or her photograph on the ticket. So everyone who wants to buy a ticket on 1 April will need to register during the month of February – and provide a photograph of themselves".

The festival organisers are keen to stress that registration does not reserve or guarantee you a ticket. You will still need to go through the sales procedure on 1 April to purchase tickets, which will cost around £150.

"It’s a much fairer system" says Michael Eavis. "It means unscrupulous people won't be able to sell their tickets on for a profit. The people who buy the tickets on April 1 will be the people who are actually coming to the festival. I assure you that your details will not be used for any other purpose."

The registration website will be open until 28 February. Those not online can also collect forms from Millets camping shops.