Rimax has launched two new, and rather unrelated products: the HD Slim One-Touch backup device, and the Rimax Security Phone.

The HD Slim backup unit is an external hard drive bundled with PC Clone Software to help you keep track of data you need to backup.

With the One Touch Backup button you can immediately update your stored files to amend the changes that you've made day to day.

At the back are USB and Serial SATA connectors, while at the front are three more USB sockets which can be used as a hub for other devices to connect to your computer.

The 250GB version is £120, while the 320GB model goes for £140.

The Rimax Security Phone makes home or small office security easy. You get a movement sensor and two magnetic window or door sensors that wirelessly communicate with the phone.

When a sensor detects movement or an unauthorised entry, it sends a signal to the phone, which sounds an alarm and makes between one and three calls to five preprogrammed numbers to alert contacts to the break in.

The bundle costs £130.