Roxio has launched Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Deluxe Suite, a comprehensive suite of music, photo, and video applications for consumer digital media enthusiasts.

Priced at £89.99 the new Creator 9 Deluxe Suite includes Pinnacle's Dazzle video capture device, which enables users to transfer video from analogue camcorders or VCRs to their PC for digital output in MPEG1, DVD-quality MPEG2, or H.264 (MPEG4).

Further enhancing the suite's video capabilities, DivX Pro is included.

Creator 9 now also includes new auto editing tools and 10 new professionally-designed menu styles that according to Roxio "allow users to generate Hollywood-style DVDs".

The new suite also includes the quality noise reduction application, BIAS SoundSoap 2. SoundSoap reduces unwanted noise in audio and video files. The software offers a unique one-click Learn Noise option to easily detect and remove audio imperfections without harming the original sound. In the Noise Only mode, users can easily identify the sounds to be removed by listening specifically to only the unwanted audio. SoundSoap features a rich graphical display that highlights the sound imperfections in real-time.

With the inclusion of Roxio Disc Gallery, indexing and tracking the location of files and folders burned to data CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Disc is purportedly as easy as one-click burning and users can also browse or search for files in the catalogue of indexes, and compare file directories with previous discs burned to ensure that only what has changed is burned to disc.

Also included is a one-year complimentary subscription to SightSpeed Pro, enabling users to call, chat, or video conference with friends and family over the Internet for free. SightSpeed Pro features unlimited multi-party conference calls and long-term video voicemail, longer video recording time, storage for the life of the subscription, detailed call activity reporting, and a personalised URL.