With a leather heel that easily collapses for quick conversion into a slide style, the trainer is both eco and surfer friendly!

Featuring leather that comes from ISO 14001 registered tanneries, the insoles contain 15% recycled EVA; outsoles contain up to 20% recycled rubber with visible hemp/burlap substrate. The upper laces are made from natural hemp material and the leather at the heel easily collapses for quick conversion to slide style.

Patagonia Footwear’s

“One Small Step” ethos derives from the brand’s passion to revolutionise the way footwear is made and by using natural sources in manufacturing wherever possible. Patagonia is constantly developing new ways in which to do this.

Patagonia’s philosophy is “to make the best products which cause the least amount of harm”. The collection not only delivers comfortable, highly-functional footwear, but perhaps most importantly, carries a love of the world¹s great places and is guided by a desire to leave a minimal footprint on them.