Maplin Electronics has launched a rather creepy new device in the form of the Personal GPS Tracker.

Meant to be used in times of emergency so that you can be easily found if lost or stranded, it can also be planted on someone or in someone's car, and will then send periodic text messages to three preprogrammed numbers with location data.

The coordinates can be plugged into Google Earth so that you can see exactly where it, and the person carrying it, is located.

In emergency situations, it can also be used for making two-way calls to one of the three phone numbers.

“The Personal GPS Tracker is designed primarily to find friends or loved ones who are lost or in danger”, said David O'Reilly, marketing director.

“However, with Valentine's Day around the corner, it's set to prove popular with those who can't resist the urge to snoop on their partner.”

The emergency aid costs £200 at Maplin Electronics across the UK.