DSG's 6 month financial results show an increase in demand for TVs, with PC sales lagging behind.

As part of its response to its results, DSG has announced that it's going to invest more in to its popular TechGuys service - £50 million in the next 5 years to roll it out further in the UK and Europe.

TechGuys has its own standalone sites, but PC Advice clinics in all PC World stores are now to be rebranded The TechGuys. Three standalone sites are already open, with another six expected to be opened within 6 months.

The company says that during Christmas, 300 TechGuys technicians were on call, and around 10,000 calls were dealt with.

Overall, DSG's empire is doing rather well, recording a 14% jump in sales during May to November, while flat-screen TVs had a 5% increase in sales, compared to PCs sales growth of 3%.