Getting your little one to keep their socks on seems to be a problem that any parent with a child under 2 years will surely know.

While everyone we speak to says that Gap socks are the only way forward, there is another device that is claiming to help stop the lose of ones socks every 2 minutes.

The answer? Sock Ons.

Sock Ons are, according to its makers, clever little things that keep those socks on. The garment is worn over the sock and "locks" it into place with a patent pending design.

Available for babies up to the age of 9 months they come in four colours; Passionate Purple, Pretty Pink, Baby Blue and Naughty Navy.

We aren't entirely sure how useful they actually are, but Mrs Pocket-lint seemed quite keen to try a pair out.

They are available from JoJO Maman Bebe and cost £3 a pair.

Any one had an experience with them - let us know.