If you're someone who's out and about a lot and need internet access, listen up; there's a new Wi-Fi service, and it's making it easier to connect and start browsing the net.

Divine Wireless is the UK's first unified wireless service. It combines the coverage of BT Openzone, The Cloud, and Surf and Sip into one service.

This means that you only have to sign up for a Divine Wireless account in order to get access at over 15,000 hotspots across the UK.

“It came about by frustration”, says Guy Rosenhoiz, the CEO of Divine. “I'm always out and about and between meetings, and I found it really frustrating that every time I wanted to use Wi-Fi, I needed to login to a different provider, and I had to pay a different way."

In order to use Divine, you simply register once for login details, and buy a certain amount of credit. A small application is downloaded on to your Windows-based PC, and from then on, when you want to use the Wi-Fi by the three providers that are currently unified by Divine, you simply login and start using it.

Divine charges a flat fee of 8p a minute, which is by far the cheapest option for Wi-Fi at the moment. Rosenhoiz hopes to have Mac support up and running in the next few months.

A reminder pops up every half an hour to let you know how much time you've been using Wi-Fi, and you can monitor the charges you've incurred on your account page.

In the next couple of months, Divine hopes to add another three networks, in order to cover 16,500 hotspots. Rosenhoiz says that their tactic is to cover places where Wi-Fi is used most often – first hotels, then train stations, airports, and exhibition centres. Everywhere else will follow.