Visa launched its plans for a contactless payment system based on NFC, or near-field communications, at CES.

The sytem relies on mobile phone manufacturers incorporating the technology into their devices, which Nokia has already done with the 6131 NFC.

The technology allows you to tap a read with your mobile and have it recognise, for example, your season ticket to football games, or charge a small amount to your Visa account.

Nokia tested the NFC technology at Manchester City, where season ticket holders used 3320 handsets to gain entrance.

Patrick Gauthier, the senior VP of innovation at Visa said the platform's launch at CES is a “significant industry milestone”.

The path is now clear for trials to begin worldwide in earnest, as manufacturers are working together to make the readers and mobile devices interoperable.

Although paying with your mobile phone will eventually be a reality, it won't happen for a while; trials will most probably be run through 2009.