Happy new year from Pocket-lint.

Okay, so due to the wonders of "Time" we know that at this exact moment of posting some of you - i.e. our Australian readers will have been there done it, while our American friends will still be getting ready for the big party. None the less here in Blighty, it's 00:00:01 01-01-07.

2007 should be an exciting year; Microsoft will be launching its consumer version of Windows Vista, Sony's PlayStation 3 games console finally arrives in the UK and Apple might finally get around to launching its iPhone (we will be Live at the Apple Keynote in San Francisco on 8 January) and all that's just in the first couple of months.

2007 should also be an exciting year for us here at Pocket-lint. We've got some big news to announce by the end of the week for starters, and we'll also be launching plenty more technical and editorial features over the next couple of months to make the site even easier and useful to use.

So, Happy New Year, and thanks for helping us make the site a great place to visit.

Stuart and the Pocket-lint team.