If you're thinking that you can simply flog your unwanted gifts on eBay after Christmas think again.

According to a new poll of almost 500 people new research shows that placing unwanted gifts on auction sites hurts feelings.

The survey suggests that 7 out of 10 people say their feelings would be hurt if they knew the gift they gave was placed on eBay.

Research from Neilsen/Netratings shows that 15% of UK online shoppers plan to sell unwanted Christmas gifts online. A further 35% are considering it - with women more likely to do so than men.

In the survey conducted by the London Gift Consultancy only 1.6% of respondents said they would be happy if the gifts they gave were sold on the auction site.

Research from YouGov shows that half (49%) of all adults in the UK receive at least three unwanted presents each year.

In 2004 eBay put the costs of unwanted Christmas presents at an estimated £1.3bn each year.

Supposedly women in the South East aged 20-29 were the group in the UK most likely to be hurt if the gift they gave was placed on an auction site.

Of those who said they would be hurt, teens were found to be the most sensitive age group while 30-somethings implied that they couldn't give a damn.