US television network CBS is going to revive its old music label, CBS Records, in order to supply cost-effective music for its TV shows.

It's already signed a deal with iTunes to sell the revived record company's music and videos through the retail site.

CBS Records was started in 1938, when CBS bought America Record Corp, which in turn owned Columbia Records in the US. The CBS Records label was sold to Sony in the late-80s.

The brand already has three acts to its name: PJ Olsson, rock band Senor Happy, and Will Dailey, who's music has been featured on “Jericho”.

The goal of the new label is to sign up unknown or unsigned artists who then write and perform songs for CBS shows and films. This will make it easier for CBS to negotiate licensing for video on demand.

“With more consumers choosing the online download model as the preferred way to purchase their favourite songs, we have an opportunity to use our unique and broad collection of media platforms to create a new music label paradigm for a small price of admission”, said CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonvies.