If you think you know Lichtenstein from Luxemburg, why not lend your support to Team UK in the 2006 Geography Cup online.

Two friends from different sides of the Atlantic have set up an online geography quiz to help settle the question of who's better at geography, the Americans or the Brits.

Although Americans are usually teased about their lack of geographical knowledge, recent surveys have shown British students aren't much better.

One survey in May in the US found that less than 40% of young Americans could place Iraq on a map.

The quiz opened on 15 November, and lasts until 31 December. You have to register and receive confirmation in order to take part. Then you'll have 2 minutes to place 13 randomly-selected countries on a worldmap.

The two founders of the Geography Quiz say that results of it so far, which has seen 18,000 sign up, are very close.