Ofcom has decided to step into one of the most confusing issues facing consumers today and is launching an accreditation plan for mobile phone plan price-comparison services.

With the launch of triple-play and quadruple-play communications services that combine landlines, mobile plans, digital TV, and broadband into one price plan, Ofcom wants to shed some light onto the matter.

Its research shows that consumers will be more likely to look for better services if they have access to a reliable comparison service, and that people are unaware the price comparison services are available.

The new scheme will ensure the price comparison calculators are accurate and transparent, so that it's clearly stated if the calculator benefits financially if the consumer switches services.

Ofcom said in February that it's also committed to making sure that it's easy for consumers to switch between various service providers.

Organisations that want accreditation from Ofcom are invited to submit their application, as long as their calculator is easy to use and accurate.