Last week we launched a star rating system and polls - this week we've think we've gone one better and launched a .pdf printing/download feature.

The new feature allows you to print any news story or review to a specially designed .pdf document so you can either print it out or transfer it to an ebook reader to look at later.

We all know that normal printing from a website isn't the most attractive of things to look at, read, or show others.

Formatting your page so that it doesn't break in the wrong place, or images are present can be a pain, and that's without the hassle of your printer deciding that it would be a good idea to print the background too.

We wanted to make the whole experience better.

All the sites reviews and news stories are accessible as a .pdf and you simply click on the .pdf logo at the top or bottom of the page to download or open the file.

Users will see be able to print from their browser window if they so wish.

Go on, click on the .pdf logo to download this story and see how much nicer it looks.