Bag designers LIPS have created four models in a new range designed to cushion your laptop from harm.

The new LIPS bags feature a unique design whereby the laptop is suspended in a cradle with a steel protective frame, so that even if you drop the bag, your laptop won't feel the impact.

The Notebook Carry Case retails for around £55 and can handle laptops up to 17-inches in size. It features a removable mesh accessory pouch, zip-down workstation, document storage section, and luggage strap.

Next up is the Notebook Backpack. It costs £45 and has tuckaway straps and a zip-down workstation as well.

For the ladies there's the Carry Case with a handbag design. Helpful, LIPS has included an interior lighting system to make finding small items easier. It costs £55.

And finally there's the Small Trolley Case, with a luggage section to store a change of clothes. The £79 bag has wheels and a telescopic handle.

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