This week we've launched our star rating system for members and Polls so we can take a quick straw poll on your opinions when you come to the site and vote.

The members rating system is simple. Every member now has a star rating assigned to their account. In time we will be using this star rating system to let other users know how involved members are with the site.

The more reader reviews you write, score rating you give or competitions you enter the more points you get. Points might even win you prizes.

An example of this is if Pocket-lint member Emily has a green star next to her name then she has more than 500 points suggesting she has written a couple of reader reviews as well as rated quite a few products on the site.

As for the polls (see right) - this will allow us to ask you what you think on key questions at the time such as "Will you be buying a Nintendo Wii this Christmas?".

You don't have to be a member to take part and all it takes its clicking yes or no next to the question to cast your vote.

We will announce the results on publication of the next poll and we plan to be running a new poll every week on a Friday.

If you've got a poll question you want us to ask, you email us via our feedback form and we'll try and include it.