Yet another online video site is trying to get a piece of the YouTube action, although this one includes new interactive content features to spark your interest. is a new video community that allows you to search video for specific moments, as well as click directly on the video for links to objects contained in the images, and tag and comment on specific moments in clips.

“ adds a further layer of never-before-seen interactivity, with it being possible to click directly on objects of interest during video play”, explains Irfon Watkins, CEO of Coull.

“This means that information and advertising is not only on request, it is also contextualised, negating the requirement to put pre-roll or post-roll advertising in the way of the viewing experience.”

Thus, the community site is only half of the business model. A version of the software is available to “brand owners and marketers” to embed links and information about objects in video so that viewers can be redirected to shopping websites or product pages.

Already, Agent Provocateur has launched a viral advert using so that viewers could click on Kate Moss's lingerie and be taken to the product page.