The man behind the million dollar homepage is at it again, this time with a carrot in the form of a million dollars to lure advertisers to his crowded webspace.

Alex Tew will make Pixelotto live tomorrow, 5 December. It works along similar lines to the million dollar homepage, in that it sells pixels for to advertisers for a set sum.

The first site garnered him a million dollars, as he sold a million pixels to advertisers for $1 each; the idea attracted lots of attention and made him quite wealthy.

The price for each pixel on Pixelotto is $2, rather than $1, but Tew only stands to make another million dollars out of the project. Once all the ads are sold, visitors who click on ads will be entered into the pixel lotto to win a million dollars.

If Tew fails to sell all the pixels, the lotto winner will still receive half of whatever ad revenue has been made.