Brits are falling behind other industrialised countries in adopting new services like VoIP and IPTV according to new research by Ofcom, the telecommunications watchdog.

Less than 1% of those surveyed have either IPTV or VoIP, which is shocking in comparison to China, where more than 75% of broadband users watch downloadable or streaming music video clips, and 70% watch TV over the Internet. However, only 12% of homes in China have broadband at the moment.

Of all those countries examined, just over 33% of Brits watch TV over broadband; France had even fewer internet TV watchers, at 27%.

Japanese broadband subscribers come just behind Chinese ones in terms of watching TV on the Internet, with 45% logging on to watch videos or streaming TV.

Of all those surveyed, almost a third said that TV via the Internet made them watch regular TV less.