A website that helps young or unsigned artists market and sell their work has launched a new plug in to embed in social networking pages.

Indiestore.com's new plug-in adds an indistore Flash Player to the user's home page or social networking profile, and lists all the tracks available on that artist's indiestore.

Using the little player, visitors can listen to tracks and then click "buy" to be taken to checkout. Adding the plug-in requires a user to copy and paste the html code, and that's all.

Although MySpace is set to launch a tool for artists to sell their work directly in a similar way, indiestore has beaten them to the punch.

Indiestore.com says that they've signed more than 4000 artists from 79 different countries who sell tracks and albums in MP3, WMA, and AAC format. Basic membership is free, but allows the user to upload only four tracks; Indiestore Pro costs a hefty £75 a year, but lets artists upload and sell up to 20 individual tracks or a bundle as an album. However, artists receive up to 80% of the profits.