For most people, getting on a motorbike is extreme enough. But for Craig Jones and Wing Chui, extreme means extreme.

Not content with having set two official Guinness World Records for solo stoppies (when you do a forward motion wheelie on your front wheel, achieved after a burst of speed and sharp front braking), Jones roped in Chui to straddle the business end so the pair could break the record for a two-man stoppie. Can’t picture it, Linters? Well, just take a look at the pics to see this whole new area of craziness.

The pair rode 305 metres like this, on a Buell Firebolt XB12R, at a wet and windy Donington Park. Jones hit 120mph before applying the front brake and balancing the on the front wheel. Chui, a crazy man, was mounted on an extension to the front wheel spindle and hung on at 100mph with the Donington track just a few inches beneath his derriere.

In 2003, Craig Jones set the world’s longest solo stoppie record of 225 metres and the next year beat his own record by reaching 266 metres. Next year, Jones intends to perform the longest stoppie ever attempted atop the fuselage of a mid-flight Boeing 747 while carrying a troupe of circus clowns and a hungry stoat. Probably.