The UK Government has launched a new website that allows worried parents to track child sex offenders.

"There will be nowhere to hide" said Chief Executive Jim Gamble today as his organisation - the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre - launched the UK’s first national website dedicated to locating child sex offenders who have failed to comply with notification requirements.

Details of some of the UK's "Most Wanted" offenders have been posted on a dedicated website at This is the first time such a move has been undertaken on a nationwide scale.

According to the CEOP, "the new initiative reflects the continued determination of law enforcement partners to work together to ensure that every available step is taken to manage offenders within communities".

The site has been developed in association with Crimestoppers Most Wanted. It is designed to track child sex offenders who have tried to evade management by breaching their notification requirements.

Details of the individuals sought are posted following a risk assessment so that any member of the public can report sightings to the appropriate authorities.