The AA has launched their own brand satnav, the Navigator Vive! (with exclamation mark a la Yahoo!).

Although the little device with touchscreen navigation retails for a low £150, maps of Western Europe purchased on SD card will set you back another £100.

The Vive supports photo viewing and MP3 playback, of course, and has an icon-based user interface that lets you choose between Full or Easy Navigation functions. Easy lets you find address by postcode, points of interest, or town name quickly in three steps.

Instructions can be given in a choice of either simple schematics, or 2D or 3D maps, complete with either male or female voice instructions.

It comes with 6 months of speed camera alerts, and information on all six types (did you know there were so many?) of cameras in use in the UK. A subscription for 3 years then costs £100.

Battery life lasts just over 3 hours, but a car charger and AC power adapter are included.

The device will be available from 16 November via the AA’s website.