News has just come in that thanks to you, we've just had our best month yet here at Pocket-lint.

Following a new design with a host of new features, member numbers are up by over 500% in the last 30 days. While visitor numbers and page impressions have also seen a massive increase over previous months.

In the last 8 days pocket-lint has been visited over 200,000 times. According to publicly published figures that's the same number of visitors Stuff Magazine's website gets in a whole month.

But it's not just our numbers that confirm Pocket-lint is doing amazingly in the run up to Christmas.

Latest figures from, a traffic ranking website owned by, show that Pocket-lint is smashing the competition when it comes to reach, rank and page impressions on the web.

The site, which computes traffic rankings by analysing the web usage of millions of Alexa Toolbar users states that over the past 12 months, Pocket-lint has consistently out performed other sites in the sector.

As the graph shows (see right), compared against gadget websites, and, Pocket-lint is streaks ahead across all three categories.

Pocket-lint is also ahead in influence according to, the blog tracking service.

Pocket-lint's current ranking is 785 with over 3551 links to the site from over 1419 other blogs in the last 180 days.

This compares to a ranking of 985 for, which according to a recent Edelman influence report rated it fourth in the UK. Both and fail to be ranked on the website.

Furthermore in a recent Hitwise report Pocket-lint ranked above popular technology websites such as PCW, The Guardian Technology section, IT reviews and Wired News as well as, and according to market share of visits.

The news also comes on the back of big name advertisers such as HP, Apple, Toshiba, Onspeed, Sony and Philips all booking advertising campaigns on the site in the run up to Christmas.

Thanks for all your support in making Pocket-lint not only one of the most visited gadget sites in the UK, but also one of the most influential.