Another day, another survey into the strange ways of the British online. Yahoo Mail conducted a little research to see what kind of habits the British have when it comes to emailing.

Those who are addicted email are three times more likely to be clearing their inbox than watching TV, with 90% of emailers spending up to 2 hours a day emailing and sorting out their inbox – which adds up to 59 working days a year.

Half of the thousand-odd emailers surveyed said they felt tired and sluggish because of the sheer numbers of emails they receive every day. A quarter don’t even read all messages before deleting them, which is understandable considering all the junk mail and forwards sent every day. Nearly a third of respondents also admitted to missing appointment because they didn’t read an email or invitation.

Yahoo Mail has enlisted the help of a sports psychologist, Louise Deeley, to give helpful advice on how to keep on top of emailing, with such revelations as “Adopting the right mindset, such as knowing your outcome, setting performance goals, being focused, and having a good night’s sleep could all lead to a healthier inbox”.