The latest antivirus software from Staganos has been updated so that it protects against the latest threat to PCs, including phishing scams and email spam.

Internet Security 2007 protects against rootkits, phishing attacks, pop-ups, spam and spyware. It actively scans emails to filter viruses out, and intercepts virus before they reach the PC by using a virus database that is updated as often as every hour, although Steganos promises that the updating makes minimal impact on the speed of the PC.

Its phishing filters warn before a user submits data to a suspect website, as the software compares sites to a blacklist of known phishing sites. The latest pop-up and advertising suppression is also included, so that even advertisements embedded in webpages are screened out.

By monitoring the PC’s memory, the software also watches for rootkits that may be surreptitiously installed, and quarantines all suspect files so that they cannot cause mischief.

Available now, Internet Security 2007 costs £30; an upgrade from last year’s version costs £18.