New software developed by BookMuncher claims to improve your reading speed to up to 1200 words per minute, rather than the usual 150WPM.

The software uses a new technique called Rapid Serial Visualisation Presentation that displays a document word by word rather than as a whole. As the words flash into the centre of the page, your brain recognises their shapes, and stops reading every word or scanning through every line.

As with all new things, practice makes perfect, and initially it will take a couple of hours to double your speed to 300WPM. However, BookMuncher development director Jon Bunston told The Register that it can get users to 600 or 700WPM in days.

Although other software has tried and failed to appeal to the masses, BookMuncher is hoping that a mobile version of its software will attract more users than ever before, especially if use of e-books takes off.

The software costs £20, and is available for a free 24-hour trial. See the link below for more.