Yahoo is launching a new category for its users centred around food and cooking, to be called – wait for it – Yahoo Food.

It will offer users recipes, advice from “regional celebrity chefs”, video cooking guides, and web tools for finding the right thing to eat. A partnership with means that Yahoo’s search has access to a vast database of knowledge, and users can search by ingredient, cuisine, foods for special occasions, or by mealtime.

At the moment, when internet users look for cooking help they go to the US’s cable TV station Food Network, or to Kraft, Betty Crocker, or Williams-Sonoma websites, or to specialists websites like and Epicurious.

The goal is to establish a new lifestyle business to attract high-paying advertisers. Yahoo Food will initially launch in the US and then expand into other English-speaking countries.

“This is very much an extension of Yahoo’s media business. It’s a very compelling experience for Yahoo advertisers”, said Deanna Brown, general manager of Yahoo Lifestyles, to Reuters.