RealNetworks has released a new plug-in for websites called RealAmplify that puts ad-free radio on to your webpage.

RealAmplify lets web users to personalise their online presence by genre or artist-based radio stations selected from a range of stations provided by RealNetworks’ RealMusic service. Users can add it to their websites in three easy steps.

Each station, of which there are around 50, has a minimum of 200 tracks that are regularly refreshed and ad-free. Although the service can be used by both consumers and businesses, the business service requires a subscription.

RealNetworks is also offering a bespoke online radio channel for business who want to reflect their brand in the audio they pipe through their website.

“As major internet service providers offer added incentives such as free web space to help attract customers to broadband, the possibilities for web users to creae and enhance their own virtual presence is increasing. RealAmplify provides a further dimension to personal websites”, says Piers Heaton-Armstrong, general manager of consumer products at Real.