Although most of us probably aren't hugely preoccupied with the thought that our satnav may get stolen from our car despite the fact that statistics show that a theft from a car occurs in the UK ever 22 seconds, it makes sense to put it out of direct view when you leave it behind.

The new Carsafe locks away your small gadgets safe from prying eyes and car thieves. The box is user installable and weighs only 1.1kg, so that it's easy to manoeuvre into position, and is big enough to hold your satnav, wallet, PDA, mobile, iPod, and camera (apparently).

To install it, you fix the steel twisted ropes to either the chasses mounted seat fixings, seat hinges, baby seat fixing points, or luggage loops. Under the front passenger seat is an ideal position, as it has a 45-degree hatch so that it's easy to open from above.

The Autosafe Carsafe is available from for £50.