Yahoo! has today introduced a better way to bookmark with its Yahoo! Toolbar for IE and Yahoo! Bookmarks.

The company has completely redesigned its previous bookmarks application, which first appeared in around 1999.

New Toolbar features includes integration with the new Bookmarks, and the ability to create and use new buttons, even when not logged in.

Yahoo! Bookmarks has undergone what looks like a complete redesign, to give it a more pleasing, Web 2.0 style and easier navigation. Now you can search through your bookmarks, and organise them in folders and tags. Yahoo! has also added easy drag-and-drop management, and put an end to the 1000 bookmark limit.

Each link now has a thumbnail and description attached – there's even the ability to save page content along with the link.

Yahoo bought social bookmarking site a few months ago, but says in a statement on the Yahoo! Search Blog, “The all new Yahoo! Bookmarks will focus on personal saving, organisation, and recover, while our comrades at will concentrate on meeting your social bookmarking and sharing needs”. Users of MyWeb will soon be able to transfer bookmarks to their choice of either Bookmarks or

Bookmarks has now had a complete overhaul of its look and feel, just like Yahoo! Photos did a few months ago. But why is Yahoo! running these proprietary organisational tools side by side with and Flickr? Wouldn't it make more sense to integrate them?