Mozilla is to release the new version of its Firefox browser, version 2.0, tomorrow on 24 October, just a few days after Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 7.

The browser is Microsoft's chief rival for surfing the web, and claims up to a 30% share in some markets, although across the board it hovers at just over 12%.

The updated Firefox incorporates a number of new features to make search easier and to protect users from scams. Tabs have been visually enhanced and a new “close” button added; in case of unexpected shut-down, Firefox keeps track of open tabs to restore them at restart.

As with IE7, Firefox also protects the user from phishing website, by warning a user if they're visiting a suspect website. It's also added a spell-checking feature similar to the one in Word and OpenOffice so that when searching, misspelled words are underlined in red and a simple right click yields a menu with a list of options.