eEye Digital Security is releasing a free consumer version of its business security software, dubbed Blink Personal.

It combines multiple layers of technology to protect against identity theft, worms, trojans, and other attacks in one agent that is designed to be unobtrusive.

The software, available for free download, apparently makes your PC invisible to hackers through Protocol-based Intrusion Prevention System, which stops known and unknown attacks from reaching the OS. It also incorporates Application Protection to prevent buffer overflow attacks; a System Firewall; an Application Firewall; and Retina Local Agent, for periodic assessment of local system vulnerabilities.

Also included is Anti-Phishing Protection to warn about dangerous links and URLs, and a System Control to determine which applications can be launched, and whether USB drives and other removable devices can be used.

An optional Neighbourhood Watch program can also be activated, whereby the PC sends attack data anonymously to eEye's Research Team so that they can figure out if it's a known or unknown attack. "Neighborhood Watch brings the power of massively distributed systems, each using the Internet in different ways and being attacked in different ways, to increase the overall awareness and protection of the users in the program", said Ross Brown, eEye's CEO.

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