Sony Ericsson is clearly making a concerted effort to increase its offerings for its smartphones. After announcing yesterday that Sony's LocationFree Player is now available for the P990 smartphone, it's announced that CoPilot Live, the satellite navigation system is now compatible with the P990 and the M600i.

There are plans to expand it to other Symbian and UIQ-based handsets as well.

CoPilot Live turns the mobiles into miniature satnavs because the models have speakers and high-speed internet access.

The software lets users choose from driving mode, walking mode, or planning mode, and gives drivers a choose of Driver Safety, 3D perspective, turn-by-turn itinerary, and a Where am I? Features.

With built-in internet connectivity, users also have access to real-time location tracking online and instant messenger; however, users face steep data charges for these services. T-Mobile customers can also receive real-time traffic alerts.