Research shows Brits are increasingly reluctant to travel even short distances in order to save money on purchases. A new survey shows that 20% of people won't get out of bed to save a tenner.

A shocking 10% of people wouldn't travel more than 5 miles to save a massive £500.

The survey, which was done to mark “Savvy Spender Day” on the 19th October, asked 2560 people how far they'd be willing to travel in miles for savings of £10, £50, £100, and £500.

The men who were asked the question were far more likely to travel in order to save money than women. Two-thirds of them would travel more than 2 miles to save £10, while only half of women would. Sixty per cent of men were also willing to travel more than 75 miles to save £500, while only 33% of women said that they would go as far.

The survey also looked at regional difference, and found that Londoners are the laziest shoppers, with almost half refusing to travel more than a mile to save £10, while more Scots are will to travel over 50 miles to save £50 than people from any other area. Those in the Southwest are also quite lazy, with around 25% saying they wouldn't move one step to save £10.

On average, people are willing to travel around 30 miles to save £100.