Major heritage organisations in the UK have joined together to support and promote the One Day in History blog as part of the History Matters campaign.

People across the country are invited to submit a diary of their ordinary day to the website in order to create a “massive electronic snapshot” of everyday life on an ordinary day – Tuesday, 17 October 2006. Stephen Fry, Bob Geldof, Sebastian Faulks, Tony Benn, Bill Bryson, Derek Jacobi, and Tony Robinson are just some of the celebrities who are backing the blog project, and schools have also been invited to participate.

“The wonderful thing about these records is we don't yet know what it is about them that will be interesting in the future”, says David Cannadine, Institute for Historical Research. “It may be that historians in the future will be amazed that on October 17th 2006 we were still eating meat or driving privately owned cars!”

The project was inspired by the Mass Observation Archive set up in the 30s to give ordinary people a chance to record their life for future generations.

To participate, record a diary of your day today in 100 to 650 words. Then log on to to upload your blog. You've got until 31st October to do so.