Dutch technology company Sweex has launched five version of its Media Centers, some of which incorporate wireless networking features.

The Media Centers operate like glorified hard drives. Media files are transferred from the computer to the devices, to then be played on any display or connected to an audio system.

The MM120 is the bare-bones model that comes as a case for a 2.5-inch hard drive, while the MM124 is pre-assembled with a 40GB hard drive. Once hooked up to a display, the remote control can be used to access a menu and navigate the video, image, and audio files stored on them.

The MM130, MM131, and MM132 are all LAN-enabled; the second comes with a 160GB hard drive, while the last comes with 250GB of storage. These connect to a PC via a wireless network installed in the home.

Each comes with a cradle, remote control, stereo and USB cables, and power adaptor. They range from £80 for the MM120 to £153 for the MM132.