PureVideo Networks has launched a meta search engine for videos, called, unsurprisingly, PureVideo Search.

It claims to combine crawl-based search with feed-based search to return the most relevant results from across the web. PureVideo Search also displays 35 charts from various top video sharing sites, including MySpace, YouTube, AOL Music, Fox Sports, CNN, and BusinessWeek.

PureVideo Networks is the operator of StupidVideos.com, and GrindTV.com.

“We quickly learned that users would devour and create more video content than any one site could categorize or publish”, said Greg Morrow, President of PureVideo Networks.

“Existing options for discovering video or searching for specific footage are simply not that good. We’ve taken the best ideas of Web search coupled with the best ideas we’ve learned as a video publisher, to create this very user-friendly search engine.”

It still needs some work, however, as our quick search brought up random still images mixed in with the video results.