Yahoo UK has launched Yahoo Video, previously only available in the US version of Yahoo.

The service sees Yahoo going head to head with other video hosting and search sites like YouTube and

“Yahoo! Video makes it incredibly easy for users to discover high quality content, while UK video creators can be discovered by the Web’s largest global audience,” said Jeff Revoy, VP and European Director of Yahoo Search and Local Search.

The site lets users search the web for relevant videos, whether user-generated or otherwise. It also facilitates browsing through different categories, as well as allowing users to subscribe to certain channels or groups of videos.

The social networking aspect is furthered by personalization through a “My Favourites” section that lets users save videos and tag them, to make it easier to share them using Mail and Messenger and upload them to websites and blogs.

Yahoo Video also incorporates “My Studio,” which lets users upload content, manage it, track viewings and ratings, and build a profile to establish an identity.